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Property Management & Trainings and Seminars


Whether you are an owner who lives locally or out of town, we can provide services for your residential property based on your particular need.   Choose a la carte or the entire array of services:

  • Rent collection
  • Bill payments
  • Maintenance
  • Eviction/Damage filings and court appearances
  • Showings Leasing contracts
  • Consultations*

* Consultation services are designed to assist you in gaining maximum profits from your real estate investment property. We will inspect your property and review your current GSI, NOI, ROI and more. What could you do differently that could earn you an additional 20% or more in cash flow? Hire us to analyze your property.


We currently offer trainings in the following areas:

Personal coaching for new real estate investors

An 8-week course designed to assist the “wannabe” or “newbie” real estate investor by finding, analyzing, and funding future and current real estate deals. Learn how to network and build a dependable team as you negotiate and perform your deals. The amount of money and time you invest is well worth the returns on investment you will receive. If there are no scheduled classes remaining, or if you want to schedule your own individual training, please call to inquire.

Property Management Training for you and your staff

This training is ideal for the owner or manager who wants to educate him/herself and the team on current laws and local ordinances. We cover the basics of marketing, screening applicants, lease renewals, how to handle conflict between tenants and owner/management, and more.

Personalized & Customized Training

We offer personalized training on such topics such as:

Please contact our office to discuss any customized training that may be specific to your needs.

Disclaimer: Capella Realty Group, LLC, its agents, managers, or anyone acting on behalf of the company are NOT attorneys and cannot offer legal advice. We will not be held liable for information you may believe to be legal advice. Please seek a legal professional for legal advice.

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Capella Realty Group, LLC provides services in Realty, Investment Properties, Property Management and Trainings. We listen to your needs and provide personalized service as we work to sell or buy your property.

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